Camp Morning Wood: A Very Naked Musical

MAY 29


a very naked musical

Presented by Get Naked, LLC and Soiree Fair Inc.

Book and Lyrics by Jay Falzone

Original Songs by
Bobby Cronin, Will Shishmanian, Matt Gumley, James Dobinson, and Derrick Byars

Scenic Design by David McQuillen Robertson
Lighting Design by Zach Pizza
Costume Design (yes, we have a few) by Izzy Fields
Sound Design by Kimberly O'Loughlin

Music Supervision and Arrangements by
James Dobinson

Production Dramaturg and Associate Producer
Miss Hazel Jade

Choreography by 
Ian Coulter-Buford

Conceived and Directed by 
Marc Eardley

Camp Morning Wood is Rocky Horror meets Naked Boys Singing. Gabe and Randy are newly engaged but struggling with their individual relationship goals. Their therapist suggests getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city’s rat race, to unplug and reconnect with each other. But on their way to a family lake house the car breaks down and they stumble upon a gay nudist camp, Morning Wood Meadows, on its last weekend open. The government, with the help of one ultra conservative senator in particular, has sold the property to a mega church. What follows for Gabe, Randy and the cast is a hilarious and heart warming weekend of temptations and new discoveries that promises to change everyone for the rest of their lives.

If you were wondering, yep, the actors in this show will be nude, completely…sans clothes, just the birthday suit.
So come for a show, and stay for the show.


We like to think of Camp Morning Wood as Rocky Horror meets Naked Boys Singing! We wanted to write a show for today but one that calls back to a different era of fun, campy, crowd pleasing Off-Broadway musicals. And there’s a lot of naked TV in Europe… naked dating shows etc… and they’re successful and normalize sexuality and vulnerability in a very fun way. Why not bring more of that here!
— Jay Falzone (Book & Lyrics)
We created this show to celebrate a message of unconditional love and to remind us all that when we put down our phones and defy digital app culture… we’re re-connecting to each other in very human, analog ways. And it can be very powerful and vulnerable to connect with each other without the barrier of clothing!
— Will Shishmanian